1,500 Youth Athletes to Attend International Children’s Games

AllerGen NCE will raise awareness for asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis at the 47th annual International Children’s Games, which is expected to attract over 1,500 youth athletes from around the world from August 14 to 18, 2013 in Windsor, Ontario.

The Games have attracted over 35,200 participants representing 332 cities from 74 countries over 4 continents, and is now believed to be the largest gathering of young people taking part in sport in the world.

AllerGen will partner with The Sandbox Project – a national charity devoted to improving health outcomes of Canadian children with respect to injury prevention, obesity, mental health, and the environment. The Sandbox Project will erect the world’s largest sandbox on site at the Games, bringing everyone together in the sandbox for a common cause: making Canada the healthiest place in the world for children and youth to grow up.