Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee (RMC) manages AllerGen’s research and Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) investments. This committee comprises research leaders, technology transfer experts, policy makers, and the Vice-President of the AllerGen Students and New Professionals Network (ASNPN).

Current RMC members

Allan Becker


Allan Becker, MD, FRCP(C)

Professor and Head, Section of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, Department of Pediatrics & Child Health, University of Manitoba

Dr. Becker’s primary research interest is the interrelationship of allergy, asthma and the environment. He is the Manitoba Site Leader for The Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study and former co-leader of AllerGen’s Patients, Policy and Public Health Enabling Platform.

Dean Befus | Research Co-leader: B&B

befusDean Befus, PhD

Professor, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta; Astra-Zeneca Canada Inc., Chair in Asthma Research

Dr. Befus focuses on finding new therapeutic treatments for asthma patients when their airways become inflamed by an asthma trigger, such as moulds, pollen and dust. He is director of the Alberta Asthma Centre and co-leader of AllerGen’s Biomarkers and Bioinformatics Enabling Platform.

Jeff Brook | Research Co-leader: GxE

Jeff Brook 2013

Jeff Brook, PhD

Senior Scientist, Air Quality Research Branch, Environment and Climate Change Canada; Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational & Environmental Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Dr. Brook conducts original research in air pollutant deposition and urban/regional air quality. He is a Research Leader for AllerGen’s Gene-Environment Interactions Enabling Platform.

Tim Caulfield | Law, Ethics, Policy & KMb


Tim Caulfield, LLm, FRSC, FCAHS

Canada Research Chair in Health Law & Policy; Trudeau Fellow and Professor, Faculty of Law and School of Public Health; Research Director, Health Law Institute, University of Alberta

Prof. Caulfield has been the Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta since 1993. He is a Fellow of the Trudeau Foundation and PI for a number of interdisciplinary projects exploring ethical, legal and health policy issues.

Ann Clarke | Co-leader: NFASt/CanFAST

Clarke Ann_photo

Ann Clarke, MD, MSc, FRCP(c)

Professor, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary; The Arthritis Society Chair in Rheumatic Diseases

Dr. Clarke is an established investigator in the epidemiology and outcomes of autoimmune and atopic diseases. She is co-leader of AllerGen’s NFASt/CanFAST Legacy Project.

Judah Denburg | Scientific Director

jdsmallJudah Denburg, MD, FRCP(C)

Scientific Director and CEO, AllerGen NCE Inc.

As Scientific Director of AllerGen, Dr. Denburg helps steer an innovative and inter-disciplinary research program. Dr. Denburg’s main research thrusts include examination of the mechanisms of allergic inflammation, with particular emphasis on hemopoietic cytokines and their role in activating the differentiation and recruitment of inflammatory cells such as eosinophils, basophils and mast cells.

Susan Elliott | Co-leader: NFASt/CanFAST

elliottSusan J. Elliott, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Management, University of Waterloo

Dr. Elliott is a medical geographer involved in interdisciplinary research investigating the relationship between the environment and health at different spatial scales vis-à-vis risk perception, prevalence rates and community knowledge and practice. She is co-leader of AllerGen’s NFASt/CanFAST Legacy Project.

Gail Gauvreau | Research Co-leader: CIC Legacy Initiative

GailGauvreauGail M. Gauvreau, MSc, PhD

Professor, Division of Respirology, Department of Medicine, McMaster University

Dr. Gauvreau’s research interests include the mechanisms of allergic inflammation, novel therapeutic targets for asthma and COPD, airway inflammation in asthma and COPD, and cysteinyl leukotrienes and cysLT receptors.

John Gordon | Research Co-leader: B&B

12-GordonJohn Gordon, PhD

Professor, Division of Respirology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Gordon is an active immunotherapeutics researcher with special interests in allergy/asthma, regulation of immune responses, and therapeutic amelioration of neutrophilic inflammation, in both humans and veterinary species. He is co-leader of AllerGen’s Biomarkers and Bioinformatics Enabling Platform.

Michael Kobor | Research Co-leader: B&B

MKobor-2Michael Kobor, PhD

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Social Epigenetics, Department of Medical Genetics, The University of British Columbia

Dr. Kobor’s laboratory builds upon deep expertise in gene regulation and epigenetics to illuminate the developmental origins of health and disease. He is a Research Leader for AllerGen’s Gene-Environment Interactions Enabling Platform.

Jean Marshall | Co-leader: NFASt/CanFAST

Jean_Marshall3Jean Marshall, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University

Dr. Marshall has a long term interest in the biology and function of mast cells in host defense and disease. She is co-leader of AllerGen’s NFASt/CanFAST Legacy Project.

Kelly McNagny | Associate Scientific Director & Research Co-leader: B&B

12-McNagnyKelly McNagny, PhD

Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, The University of British Columbia; Co-Director, The Biomedical Research Centre

Dr. McNagny runs a laboratory at the Biomedical Research Centre, The University of British Columbia, which studies the CD34 family of stem cell proteins. He is co-leader of AllerGen’s Biomarkers and Bioinformatics Enabling Platform and AllerGen’s Associate Scientific Director.

Mark Raizenne | Public policy, KMb

Raizenne-smallMark Raizenne, ScD

Associate Director, Public Health, McLaughlin Centre for Population Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa

Mark Raizenne has over 25 years experience in public service dealing with environmental and public health-related issues.

David B. Shindler | IP Management & Commercialization


David B. Shindler, PhD

President and CEO, Pro-Bio Associates

Dr. David Shindler is head of Pro-Bio Associates, consultants in innovation and technology development in the medical, environmental and agri-food areas.

Padmaja Subarrao | Director, CHILD Study Legacy Initiative

Padmaja Subbarao, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Staff Respirologist, The Hospital for Sick Children; Scientist, Research Institute; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Paediatrics, University of Toronto

Dr. Subbarao’s primary research interest is in the early determinants and development of asthma, with a focus on infant lung function biomarkers of inflammation. Within AllerGen, she is Director and Toronto Site Leader of the CHILD Study.

Stuart Turvey | Co-Director: CHILD Study Legacy Initiative

sturveyStuart Turvey, MBBS, DPhil, FRCP(C)

Director of Clinical Research, Child & Family Research Institute; Professor, Division of Allergy & Immunology, Department of Pediatrics, The University of British Columbia 

Dr. Turvey’s research program is translational, interdisciplinary and unique in its focus on understanding the role of innate immunity in infectious and inflammatory diseases of childhood. He is the Co-Director and Vancouver Site Leader for AllerGen’s Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development (CHILD) Study.

Loubna Akhabir (observer) | Vice-President, ASNPN

Loubna Akhabir, PhD (observer)

Vice-President ASNPN, McMaster University

Dr. Akhabir completed her PhD in….

Pascal Marchand (observer) | Program Manager, NCE Secretariat

Pascal Marchand (observer)

Program Manager, NCE Secretariat

Diana Royce (observer) | Managing Director and COO

dianaroyceDiana Royce, EdD (observer)

Managing Director and COO, AllerGen NCE Inc.

Dr. Royce has over 30 years of experience in the post-secondary and health sectors related to public consultation and research, program implementation, strategic and operational planning, network administration, partnership and public policy development, advocacy, fundraising, knowledge mobilization, conference planning and meeting facilitation.