AllerGen investigators lead two platforms of new pan-Canadian microbiome research core

AllerGen investigators lead two platforms of new pan-Canadian microbiome research core

The CIHR is funding a new, national microbiome research core, and two of its five platforms are headed by AllerGen investigators.

The University of Calgary-based initiative, The Integrated Microbiome Platforms for Advancing Causation Testing and Translation, or IMPACTT, brings together a “brain trust” of experts to offer core microbiome services, including research protocols and advice.

AllerGen investigator Dr. Anita Kozyrskyj (University of Alberta) and AllerGen HQP Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta (University of Calgary) are co-leading the core’s “Human Cohort Design and Analysis” platform.

AllerGen investigators Drs Celia Greenwood (McGill University) and Fiona Brinkman (Simon Fraser University) are coleading, together with Dr. William Hsiao (The University of British Columbia), its “Computational” platform.

A five-year, $3M CIHR grant was awarded to Dr. Kathy McCoy (University of Calgary), the leader of IMPACTT, to set up the research core.

“The 2010 CIHR microbiome grants, which funded my own SyMBIOTA initiative, enhanced the capacity for microbiome research in Canada,” observes Dr. Kozyrskyj.

“This second round of CIHR funding will enable microbiome researchers to come together across universities in a national network, to offer their expertise and support to the next generation of Canadian microbiome researchers.”

Read the University of Calgary announcement.

Photo on LEFT: University of Calgary team; top row from left: Paul Kubes, Joe Harrison, Braedon McDonald, Ian Lewis, and Markus Geuking. Bottom row, from left: Kathy McCoy, Marie Claire Arrieta, Shaunna Huston, and Laura Sycuro. Photo on RIGHT: University of Alberta team; top
row from left: Eytan Wine, Ben Willing, and Karen Madsen. Bottom row, from left: Jens Walter, Anita Kozyrskyj, and Irina Dinu