Allergic Living highlights Canadian anaphylaxis registry

<em>Allergic Living</em> highlights Canadian anaphylaxis registry

Allergic LivingJUNE-JULY 2012’s Winter 2015 issue features AllerGen’s Cross-Canada Anaphylaxis Registry (C-CARE)—the first-ever prospective study on anaphylaxis.

Launched in 2011, C-CARE identifies anaphylaxis cases through reports from ambulance paramedics, emergency departments and allergists, and collects data on the cause, triggers and management of anaphylaxis in each case.

C-CARE is led by AllerGen investigator Dr. Moshe Ben-Shoshan, a pediatric allergist and immunologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The unique ​registry will provide the first reliable estimate of anaphylaxis rates in Canada and open the door to new ways of preventing and treating the condition.