Hamilton Spectator features AllerGen researchers

Several AllerGen researchers were featured in “Picture of Health: The players and the innovators in Hamilton’s health care sector,” part of the October 24 edition of The Hamilton Spectator.

“Working to stem the rising tide in allergies” highlights Dr. Judah Denburg’s research, which focuses on the underlying causes of asthma and allergy and the mechanisms of allergic inflammation, including the role played by cells in bone marrow.

“Unravelling why heart disease targets ethnic groups” describes Dr. Sonia Anand’s work to shed light on how environmental, dietary and genetic factors influence the development of heart disease.

“Cracking the case on asthma’s rapid rise” features Dr. Paul O’Byrne’s research investigating why the number of children with asthma has quadrupled in the past 20 years.

The Hamilton Spectator health supplement is available online athttp://www.thespec.com/hamilton-topics/4169063-picture-of-health.