NCE confirms AllerGen funding to 2019

NCE confirms AllerGen funding to 2019

symbol_acronym_fullnameAllerGen will receive ongoing federal funding through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program to continue its work in allergic disease research, training and innovation to 2019.

“After a review by the NCE’s international expert panel on September 17, 2015, AllerGen was deemed eligible for continued funding because it met the NCE’s standards for excellence in performance of all five NCE mandate areas – research, networking and partnership, capacity building/training, knowledge and technology exchange and exploitation, and management,” says Dr. Judah Denburg, Scientific Director and CEO of AllerGen.

“Over the next four years, working closely with partners and stakeholders, we will complete our research and focus on translating and commercializing key findings to promote earlier diagnosis, disease interception, better treatment, and optimal outcomes for Canadians with allergic diseases.”

The Canadian government’s award to AllerGen from 2005 to 2019 totals $74.4 million. The ongoing funding was confirmed as part of a review process that assessed AllerGen’s achievements midway through its second seven-year term.

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